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Find a permanent bracelet or anklet in Cedar Rapids, IA, near Marion & Hiawatha, IA

Maybe you want to get matching friendship bracelets with your lifelong bestie. Or perhaps you want to add a little sparkle to your bare ankle. Either way, Link Everlasting Custom Permanent Jewelry has you covered with our permanent bracelet and anklet services in Cedar Rapids, IA. We'll help you customize and weld on beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

Arrange for an appointment today to explore our permanent anklet options.

Customize every detail of your bracelet or anklet

We'll give you full control over every detail when you visit us for a permanent bracelet or anklet. You can hand-select the...

  • Chain - choose from different styles of gold, rose gold and silver chains
  • Charms - personalize your chain with pearl, heart-shaped or birthstone charms
  • Engravings - decide on a personal engraving to celebrate yourself or a loved one

Do you have any questions about our permanent anklet services in Cedar Rapids & Marion, IA? Contact us at 319-538-4137 now to learn more.

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